SPOA donates £2,000 to Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance

SPOA held their April area meeting, with around 60 people in attendance, at Perth Airport, where Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA), which SPOA supports and raises funds for, is based. During the meeting SCAA spoke about the service and help they provide, so the association took this opportunity to donate £2,000 to the cause.

Working in partnership with the Scottish Ambulance Service, SCAA is an integral part of Scotland’s frontline emergency response network, responding to trauma incidents and medical emergencies across the country. The charity saves and improves lives across Scotland every day, currently operating with one helicopter and one rapid response vehicle, providing paramedic care to the scene of time-critical emergencies then transporting patients to specialist hospitals to get the required medical attention.

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance really makes a difference. There is a much higher chance of survival and full recovery if the patient receives the right medical care within the first hour of injury or illness. The fast response of SCAA and its ability to reach Scotland’s most remote and rural areas saves vital minutes when every second really does count.

Therefore, a major fundraising campaign is now underway to fund a second helicopter which will enable the charity to save even more lives throughout Scotland. SPOA are ecstatic they could contribute towards this and to the charity as a whole. Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance is completely funded by the people of Scotland, primarily through donations, fundraising, events and its life-saving lottery.

For more information on the charity, you can visit its website here; or contact Nick Harvey, SCAA’s Fundraising & Communications Director, on 0300 123 1111.

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