Update on the fuel crisis


The SPOA can confirm that fuel supplied from the Petroineos refinery at Grangemouth will be supplied from today at a reduced percentage of FAME content, Confirmed to be down from 7% to 5%.

A statement from Petroineos included the following:

"We wish to provide an update regarding issues experienced with filter blocking in the Diesel and GasOil end-user markets, across the UK but in particular Scotland and N England.
Since these issues first came to light in October, and following the Petroineos workshop on the 20th November, we have allocated significant resource to investigate the root cause(s) of the issues experienced.
Our investigations have been extensive and are ongoing into what is a complex process with a large number of variables. At this stage, we remain unable to identify any specific root cause within our manufacturing or FAME blending process and we remain  confident that Diesel and GasOil dispatched from Grangemouth Refinery meets or exceeds the applicable specification.
However, we recognise the need for action to ensure that end-users do not experience further unnecessary operational issues. Accordingly, Petroineos has, effective 29/11/2019, reduced the volume of FAME blended into our GasOil and Diesel at the refinery.
We remain entirely focused on providing quality fuel to the markets we serve and will continue to liaise closely with our customers, representatives of the broader end-user community, trade associations and government to resolve this significant industry issue for the longer term. We are monitoring the effectiveness of the changes we are making and will communicate this as we progress."


All members and indeed the wider industry are reminded to continue submitting information regarding issues to us, research and evidence will be critical in solving these issues long term. A wealth of work is still to be done!  

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