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Alternative Green Fuels

What is Green D + HVO?

A member of the paraffinic fuel family, HVO is a drop-in liquid fuel alternative produced from vegetable fats and oils, such as cooking oil.

HVO has an improved burn efficiency and reduced carbon emissions count, resulting in a significant decrease in harmful emissions, including greenhouse gases. Here, hydrogen – rather than methanol – is used as a catalyst, making HVO more clean-burning and ensuring a longer shelf life than regular biodiesel. The HVO supply chain is currently being developed to ensure consistent high-quality and ethical supply, and expanded to support anticipated growth in demand – increasing its potential for global adoption as part of the future fuel pathway.

HVO Green D+ is a renewable diesel replacement made to EN15940 standard. Available as both “RED” rebated fuel for entitled sectors such as agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and also “WHITE” undyed for road use and construction sectors. It is the lowest emission diesel replacement fuel available. GD+ is made entirely from waste and is defined as renewable and sustainable (RED11), whilst being highly refined. You can use Green D+ in any diesel engine without requiring any changes to the engine.

HVO Green D+ contains a specifically designed performance additive, which includes deposit control compounds, lubricity improves and other surface-active agents to ensure cleanliness and optimum combustion throughout the fuel system. Through minimising NOX it allows the additive to promote passive regeneration of the DPF system. Choosing to switch to HVO Green D+ could be a great selling point especially for those whose clients really do care about emissions.

What can HVO be made from?

  • HVO can be made from animal fat from food industry waste.
  • Fish fat from processing waste.
  • Residues from vegetale oil processing used cooking oil.

Benefits of HVO GreenD+

There are whole host of benefits of using a renewable diesel replacement;

  • Upto 90% reduction in Co2
  • Upto 30% reduction in nox
  • Upto 86% reduction in particulate matter
  • Reduces noise levels
  • Local air quality improved immediately through switching
  • Can remove fossil fuels from construction sites
  • Fuel efficiency improvement – The fuel burns more cleanly and more thoroughly
  • Does not contain FAME (Fatty Acid Metyl Ester)

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