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Enhancing Industry with Simulation Technology

The Scottish Plant Owners Association (SPOA) is proud to announce the acquisition of a state-of-the-art machine simulator, a significant stride forward in advancing our industry's capabilities and safety standards. With the ever-evolving landscape of technology, integrating simulation within our training programs ensures a cost-effective and innovative approach to professional development.

Why Invest in Simulation Technology?

Enhancing Training Efficiency and Safety

Simulators provide a controlled environment for early training, significantly reducing workplace accidents. In our commitment to sustainability, simulated training eliminates fuel consumption, aligning with our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. This year we're launching a series of Leica, Topcon and Trimble Machine Control training courses delivered in parnership with reknowned training provider SOFC.

Tailored Learning Experience

Our simulator offers a comprehensive range of machine types and the flexibility to customise software to suit individual training needs. It enables operators to practice safety checks and familiarise themselves with diverse equipment configurations, preparing them for real-world challenges seamlessly. Using the built in scoring system we can score operators on Safety, Economy and Skill, identifying where improvements need made to upskill the workforce.

Building a Robust Workforce

The simulator serves as an entry point for potential operators, allowing individuals to experience the industry's intricacies in a risk-free environment. Through our engagement at trade shows and exhibitions, we aim to attract passionate individuals, fostering interest and participation in our comprehensive training programs.

Identifying and Nurturing Talent at Careers Events

Our simulation software facilitates skill assessment, enabling us to identify natural abilities and potential candidates for specific roles within the industry. By leveraging simulation technology, we are streamlining the talent acquisition process and ensuring a skilled workforce for the future.

We encourage members to loan the simulator for local careers and school events, together we'll help highlight the opportunities a career in plant can bring and channel the most interested candidates along the pathway to an apprenticeship with you. We're committed to doing everything we can to address the skills shortage and bring fresh talent into the industry. 

If you want to take the simulator to an event to promote career opportunities then here is all you need to do:

  • Fill out the form below
  • Supply us with a copy of your hired in plant insurance
  • Arrange a time to collect the simulator and SPOA simulator trailer
  • Receive a handover before you leave our office 
  • Enjoy the your event
  • Return the trailer and simulator us clean and on time 


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