Hire Controller Training

Hire Controllers, there’s no other role like it!

It’s part customer service, part sales, part ops and part technical. 

Hire controllers need to solve problems, spot opportunities, build average order values and win business.

The SPOA has partnered with Intelligent Dialogue who have over 25 years experience working in the hire sector, and understand the role of the hire controller. 

This one day course will help hire controllers to win business and understand the commercial realities of the decisions they make.


Course Content:

  • Welcome & introductions
  • Why are we here?
  • The role of the hire controller, your challenges
  • Gain, retain, grow how can you help the business to gain (win new business), retain (keep customers) and grow (increase revenue)
  • Who are your customers and what do they expect from you?
  • Stepping into the customers world and how that can help you win more business
  • How does the telephone and email affect relationships and communication
  • How to lead and manage a telephone conversation
  • Incorporating hire terms correctly
  • The importance of questions in making the most of the opportunity
  • Getting the details right and the cost of getting it wrong
  • Using positive language with customers and how that will help you
  • Email as a tool, when and when not to use
  • Understanding Business, things that will protect the bottom line
  • Spotting opportunities
  • The impact of discounting on the bottom line
  • Overcoming price objections
  • Learning Review & Action Planning


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