Consultation: Plant Short Duration Training Review


Why are CITB reviewing Plant Short Duration Training Standards and Grants?

In 2018, CITB introduced the Training Model which is made up of short duration training standards, together with the Construction Training Directory and Training Register. Part of our vision for the Training Model is that all grant aided short duration training is delivered to agreed standards which have been developed with industry. Our approach is to learn from what already exists and create training standards that are neutral to any potential provider. In their current format, Plant Short Duration Training Standards and Grants do not align with the structure of the CITB Training Model.

It is important to note that this review is looking at Plant Operations i.e. those who operate items of construction plant. It is also focused on short duration training not NVQ or blue card requirements of card schemes.

Guiding principles for this review

The starting point for this review is that CITB’s approach to standards and grant support should:

  • Be based on an agreed industry position on training and assessment (testing) requirements
  • Support and encourage quality training
  • Be based on an industry-derived standard that can be met by any recognised organisation who is approved by CITB and whose products meet the standard
  • Recognise the differences in length of training and cost across different types of plant
  • Aligns the format of standards and structure of grant support with the rest of construction.

This consultation will test out ideas for the structure of the new plant standards and grants.

Who are CITB working and consulting with?

The CITB Engagement Team will be targeting certain employers in order to ensure that we gather views from the full range of construction employers and users of the different card schemes. However, any CITB registered employer who wants to complete the survey can access it via the CITB website. Employers also have the opportunity through the survey to register an interest in working with CITB to help to shape the new standards.

CITB are also working with the Plant Sector Representative Organisation (PSRO) who represent the interests of plant from seven trade federations. The SPOA is one of those seven. 

How will the information from this consultation be used?

The results will be analysed by the cross-department CITB team leading on the review. CITB will also include internal and external plant subject matter experts as needed. The final plant standards and grants proposals will then be developed before being shared with those organisations and individuals who have taken part, and other key bodies.

The consultation will run until the 26th of November 2021. 

We urge all our members to complete the survey below. 


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