Meet James Currie

Since the election of three new members to the Executive Committee of SPOA, we will be getting to know them a little better over the next few weeks.

First up is James Currie, Managing Director of Currie Contractors in Cullen, who has taken up a position in the Safety, Training and Competency subcommittee and the PSRO Technical Review Group.

James has grown up in construction and Currie Contractors is a business he set up with his father in 2014. The business quickly grew and developed, gaining forestry work as well as plant hire. James also went on to start a training arm for heavy plant in 2016, making use of his skillset and meeting an unmet need in the area.

A member of SPOA for the last five years, he has a clear view about the industry and how we would like to change it.

He explains: “Construction is lacking young people at the moment and yet the opportunities are there for the taking. There are good, well paid jobs in the industry, we need to do everything we can to encourage young people to join construction.”

Like many in the industry, James is increasingly concerned about rising costs, not just in fuel but also machine costs and service charges.

James is looking forward to working as part of the Executive Committee: “I hope that I my experience in construction and training will make me a good addition to the team. I hope to support current members of SPOA in the north east of Scotland and hopefully attract new members from the region.”

Welcome to James!


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