Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2024

This week is Scottish Apprenticeship Week, a nationwide celebration of apprenticeships.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week shines a spotlight on the benefits that work-based learning brings to people of all ages and backgrounds, to employers of all sizes and to Scotland’s economy.

For generations, Scottish apprenticeships have powered potential, passed on the skills to thrive, built businesses to prosper and energised the economy.

According to Skills Development Scotland:

  • There are around 12,000 apprentice employers in Scotland.
  • 83% of employers report improved productivity through apprentices.
  • Nearly 40,000 apprentices are in training across Scotland. 
  • 91% of apprentices remain in work or employment after their apprenticeship. 
  • For every £1 of public investment in apprenticeships, the Scottish Exchequer gets £4 to £5 in return. 
  • £100 million of public investment in apprenticeships generates around £450m tax back.

The Scottish Plant Owners Association (SPOA) is working hard to attract young people into the plant industry. From our well established annual Apprentice of the Year awards; our recent investment in the Tenstar simulator which will be taken to schools and career events across the country to promote careers in plant; and our work with the CITB to create the first ever Scottish crane operator apprenticeship.

Des Clarke, John Sibbald, Lewis Frew and Gary Cumiskey.jpgDes Clarke, John Sibbald, Lewis Frew (Plant Mechanic Apprentice of the Year 2023/2024) and Gary Cumiskey.

What better way to inspire young people about a career in plant than to hear about life as a plant operator or plant mechanic from apprentices currently going through their training? This week, we will hear from our recent winners of the 2023/2024 SPOA Apprentice of the Year Awards, Lewis Frew and Sandy Coull, as well as previous winner in the 2022/2023 awards, Deklyn Feather. We will also meet Sadie Anderson, an apprentice at EMN Plant Ltd, an employer who will share their experience of hiring apprentices alongside One Stop Access Scotland.

We would ask all our members to get behind Scottish Apprenticeship Week. Like and share our posts on social media and if you are inspired by some of the stories then get in touch to find out what support is available to you to take on an apprentice. We can connect you with the CITB or with employers who have been through this process and are now reaping the benefits.

Des Clarke, John Sibbald, Sandy Coull and Gary Cumiskey.jpgDes Clarke, John Sibbald, Sandy Coull (Plant Operator Apprentice of the year 2023/2024) and Gary Cumiskey.

If you would like to find out more about hiring an apprentice, get in touch with the SPOA on

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